Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Good Music Goes Unlistened (Volume 1): Daughters of Mara/Shawn Zuzek

For a long time, I'd been hesitant to post direct links to music both to avoid legal complications and to protect the artist because it's the way they make their living.

But, if an artist feels comfortable with releasing their material publicly and it happens to be good, I'd like to post something.

I'm going to start with the band Daughters of Mara who I credited as being one of my favorite new artists of 2008 along with having the best headbanger of the year with the song "And Away".

With a little bit of bad news, the band disbanded officially at the end of 2008 as a result of Virgin Records sitting on their hands to release the album (something that I plan to discuss in a later post in more detail).

If you like metalcore (metal mixed with melody), this album is about as good as it gets. Aside from the album I Am Destroyer, you will be getting the B-sides from the album and some of his solo work which is a bit more diverse.

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