Saturday, February 7, 2009

A band a day...Don't Wake Aislin

My daily routine for finding bands has been to check Tunelab Music's board in the hope of finding the next big thing. So far, so VERY good.

From the musical hotbed of Dallas, Texas comes a female-fronted band that much like another female-fronted band from Texas has the potential to knock your socks off.

Don't Wake Aislin is:
Deena Jakoub (Vocals)
Brandon Brown (Guitar)
Kyler Nichols (Guitar)
Joey Ramirez (Bass)
Justin Keyes (Drums)

Cornerstone Festival is probably the biggest Christian Rock festival in the entire country. It takes place for a week in suburban Chicago, Illinois (oh yeah, that place again!).

Last year, this band played the Label Showcase stage. This band apparently played so well that people voted them to have the best set of the entire festival.

You want to know who played that festival?
Family Force 5, Skillet, As I Lay Dying, The Almost, Flyleaf, Anberlin, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Hawk Nelson, Living Sacrifice...even THIS BAND!

All of these bands, have humongous followings in the Christian community. I've personally seen Flyleaf and Skillet live. To say that this band was or is better live convinces me that I HAVE TO SEE THEM!

Their most recent work was produced by Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids).

This band is hard to categorize for me, but being that they're a Christian female-fronted band from Texas, you know they're going to be compared to Flyleaf. They seem to be getting the occasional comparison to Paramore as well. This is the same problem I had with VersaEmerge, where I feel that their sound is a little bit too different to be compared to either.

They're currently touring anywhere and everywhere that isn't the Northeast so make sure you guys have a camcorder handy in case you happen to see them live.

Here's their video for Mighty to Save.

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