Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Change of Pace...Stars Go Dim.

I'd gone onto the Tunelab Music Message Board last week and posted a band that I thought fit the bill of bands on that site. The band, just for the record, was a band called Atom Smash. I thought there'd be a decent reaction.

However, someone actually mentioned that they were tired of bands like this that are seemingly interchangeable with each other and that Atom Smash sounds like 10 different bands that he's already heard on active rock radio.

Instead of getting upset about it, I actually thought about my blog which caters to those types of bands. I thought that it would actually be a great way to challenge myself.

I don't post enough about artists or bands outside of my favorite genre and I pigeonhole myself because people think that I don't listen to anything else.

So the challenge starts now and perhaps I'll post more artists that don't necessarily have that same active rock sound.

September 26, 2008 marked the end of an era for Christian rock band Pillar. After supporting the album For the Love of the Game it was announced that Lester Estelle, drummer of the band through its most successful eras, played his last show. As it should turn out, co-founding member and bassist Michael "Kalel" Wittig also decided to leave the band.

It turned out that Lester and Kalel left for Stars Go Dim, a band that formed in late 2007. Pun intended, it was a huge leap of faith.

Stars Go Dim is:
Chris Cleveland: Vocals
Joey Avalos: Guitar
Michael "Kalel" Wittig: Bassist
Lester Estelle: Drummer

Three of the four members of this band had stints in Pillar, Avalos being the third.

This band mixes pop, rock, soul, and even a bit of jazz to create a refreshing radio-friendly sound.

I think the first artist you'll compare this band to is Gavin DeGraw because Chris Cleveland has a very similar voice.

The band has earned a buzz very quickly and are going to play the massive South by Southwest festival in Austin next month.

Their debut album is scheduled for release next month and features the song Come Around.

In the meantime, here are live performances of Come Around and Walk On.

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