Monday, February 23, 2009

A Change in Pace...Fiction Family

Fiction Family is the collective musical effort of Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek lead singer Sean Watkins.

Each man has paved his own way to both commercial and critical success. However, it's where these paths meet that they have formed.

Fiction Family was born in 2005, casually writing songs together.

Without any music even officially released, they earned serious offers from Starbucks' Hear Music and other labels before eventually signing with ATO Records, the label Dave Matthews found at the turn of the century.

Fiction Family isn't so much a mix of simply Switchfoot and Nickel Creek, but more of a mixture of each of the solo projects that they've released.

The music is about as laid back as the city that they were conceived in (San Diego), featuring a sound scape of ocean-kissed acoustic pop (I've been reading way too much perfume descriptions).

Each singer leads on a song (Jon leading on most) giving it a sense of unconventionality.

Their album is a little bit more diverse than acoustic has a Beatlesesque sound on the song "When She's Near" and Nickel Creek-esque bluegrass on "Closer Than You Think".

No word yet on whether this will be an ongoing project, but this album has cemented the careers of both Foreman and Watkins as wonderfully talented singer-songwriters.

I will now highlight their past and present projects.


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