Monday, February 23, 2009

No Good Music Goes Unlistened (Volume 3): Nine Days

Does anyone remember the band Nine Days?

If you don't, let me refresh your memory.

Absolutely (Story of a Girl) was one of the top songs in the year 2000.

If I Am also earned modest play that year.

The Madding Crowd earned a gold record and they were ready for more success with their follow-up record.

That is until the follow-up record So Happily Unsatisfied never actually came.

Sony pushed the record back to the point where in late 2002, the band left.

It took years for Nine Days to actually get back the record that they recorded, but they got it back and have since given it to fans who'd been waiting for it in the first place for free.

The album So Happily Unsatisfied is one of the best pop-rock albums money can't buy. They could have been bigger than bands that had hit in that same year including Lifehouse and Vertical Horizon. 

That being said, they have continued to put out music on a consistently regular basis since 2002.

Lead singer, John Hampson's solo work has even caught the attention of Disney, as a song that he recorded called "The In Crowd" has been reworked into a song for Hannah Montana's Mitchel Musso.

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