Monday, February 16, 2009

Rock on the Range 2009 (Part II)

The Superstars:
Buckcherry-For almost 15 years, Buckcherry has been doing their thing. In 2005, after a three year hiatus, their careers were reborn with the album 15. It earned them the first Platinum album of their career. They put out Black Butterfly towards the end of last year. They've co-headlined with Avenged Sevenfold and have also played Crue Fest, so it'll be a reunion of sorts when they play their first Rock on the Range.
Watch this: Crazy Bitch, Lit Up

Shinedown-They've been a very successful band with one Gold and one Platinum album to date. The Sound of Madness is their latest in a string of very popular albums and "Second Chance" could be their first song to hit the pop top 40. Brent Smith is one of the most vocal frontmen live and he sings to the congregation of Shinedown fans. This is their second consecutive year performing at the Rock on the Range.

The Used-Bert McCracken is one of the most charismatic frontmen in the business. The band has an unapologetic live show and it has earned them headlining slots at such shows as The Taste of Chaos tour. They'll be releasing a new album in 2009 and this show will likely kick off the album's era. This is their first year performing at the Rock on the Range.

Flyleaf-One of the hardest working bands in the business, Flyleaf toured behind their self-titled debut for over 3 1/2 years, playing shows on Family Values and Music as a Weapon. They've been working on a new album which could be out by the summer. Even though this is their second consecutive year on the bill, this will be the first time the band will perform as Lacey had a sore throat last year.

Chevelle-Chevelle has been a very successful radio band for almost the last decade and among the most consistent. They put out Vena Sera in 2007 and have been on major tours from Music as a Weapon to Ozzfest. They've been working on a new album and may actually put it out by the summer as well. 

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