Friday, July 18, 2008

A band a day...Daughters of Mara

Contrary to the bands that I posted about before, this band is most definitely not accessible. They're accessible to kicking your ass with metalcore.

That being said, Daughters of Mara had a major record deal and to date are the only band to watch that I've posted that really had anything of that nature.

They had a deal with Virgin Records and, as far as we know, finished recording it. However, due to label issues (whether they wouldn't release it or whether they had issues with the Virgin/Capitol merger is unknown), either they were dropped or they left.

Daughters of Mara is:
Shawn Zuzek - Vocals & Guitars. 
Eric Friedman - Guitars & Vocals. 
Dave Elitch - Drums. 
Andy Gerold - Bass. 

Take the west coast System of a Down, mix them with East Coast metalcore, and you've got something that sounds like Daughters of Mara.

The name Eric Friedman may sound familiar to some members...he was one of the members of Wind-up Records band Submersed, before leaving in 2006. He's also a protege of Mark Tremonti, guitarist extraordinare for Alter Bridge.

They are uncompromising, unabashed, and unbelievable. They will be heard.

Not to mention, Shawn Zuzek is a musical godsend. Even if Daughters of Mara winds up not releasing anything, Zuzek may be very much involved in the business far beyond a guitar.

In the meantime, here are live videos of I Am Destroyer, And Away, and The Dying Game.

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