Friday, July 25, 2008

The re-incarnation of Chris Cornell...

Chris Cornell has been the most consistent rock singer of the last twenty years...from Soundgarden, to Temple of the Dog, to Audioslave.

But starting this summer, that will all be "Long Gone".

Scream is the title of his third solo album, which will be put out sometime this fall.

So what's so different? Oh nothing...

Nothing like getting by with a little help from your friends.

So far, titles for this album include "Scream", "Never Too Far", "Watch Out", "Ground Zero", and the aforementioned "Long Gone."

A lot of Soundgarden/Audioslave/Cornell fans are said to be furious with Cornell's seemingly sudden transition.

But it may not be as sudden as one may think.

I've always thought of Cornell to have a very soulful in one that could very well fit in a rhythm and blues outfit.

Audioslave actually began that with their fusion of rock, soul, and funk.

Album by album, the soul influences seem to grow into something that eventually became their final album, Revelations.

As much as it wasn't their most well accepted album, the album was actually more Audioslave than albums prior. It mixed all of those elements seamlessly.

Then came Cornell's last album, Carry On. It featured a lot of the same elements that fans would find familiar, but this was NOT Euphoria Morning.

One thing that shocked everyone was the cover that Cornell did of Michael Jackson's classic "Billie Jean". That was ballsy and at a point considered career suicide...EVEN for someone with the caliber of Chris Cornell...but it wasn't considered original until this guy did it.

Even R&B artists don't tend to cover Michael Jackson. Not to say it isn't done...but not often.

The point made here is that he is not making a huge jump. Another thing is that when you consider his long-term success, Carry On, was kind of a flop. Honestly, what if anything did he have to gain from releasing another Carry On?

I think if given the chance that Cornell can make himself a formidable artist with the help of Timbaland if he is taken seriously and not as some pet project.

And Soundgarden fans will still be pissed, but they'll be happy to note that there have been rumors of a reunion...and I'd be willing to bet that it would be in the cards for next year.

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