Monday, July 21, 2008

A band a day...Fall of Envy

The best discoveries are the ones you stumble upon. Some of the bands that I like, I wind up hearing something about them before listening to...but I had no idea who this band was until I heard them. And they are great. And YES, this is ANOTHER Floridian band.

Michael: vocals
Greg: guitarist
Tommy: guitarist
Dave: bassist
Brandt: drums

If David Draiman ever became the lead singer of Godsmack, you might have something that sounds like Fall of Envy.

Fall of Envy is energetic music that you can and will want to work out to or fight to.

They released their debut album, Poetic Rage, in March.

They're setting out to make O-Town famous for more than just Mickey Mouse and boy bands.

Here's the video for Face to my Fist and the live version of the same song...

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