Monday, July 21, 2008

The best scene in America...

Up until my senior year of college, I had no idea that my area had a bustling rock scene. I've never really gone to any of the shows because the music isn't really my cup of tea, but it's good to know that there are bands that are emerging from this area since I don't really hear about them often.

Part of this entry has to do with that and the fact that a few of the artists that I've posted about come from the same state in this country, Florida. I know I'm not necessarily done with posting about up-and-coming bands from Florida either.

Back when I was a part of the Rockturtle blog, I'd posted about Texas and how bands like Flyleaf, Blue October, Venture, and Faktion were leading a charge of bands in the area and the country.

Earlier in the decade, there had been bands that had been coming up in the Long Island area like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and later Straylight Run. Chicago-based Victory Records were signing quite a few Long Island bands at the time.

Even though you never really pay attention to location, it's important in determining what eventually becomes popular...because where one band becomes popular others tend to follow.

Are there any particular locations in the country or in the world that you can think of that has at least five established or up-and-coming bands that are really good that I haven't mentioned?

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