Sunday, July 20, 2008

A band a day...Veronica's Veil

Florida has yet ANOTHER gem in Veronica's Veil. VersaEmerge (who I posted about in the last entry) comes from the Port St. Lucie area and these guys reside in Jacksonville.

Veronica's Veil is:
Jordyn Jackson: Vocals
Randy Winter: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Everything Under the Sun
Jesse Carroll: Live Performer (Guitar)
Tom Wurth: Live Performer (Guitar)
Chris Wurth: Live Performer (Drums & Bass...uhntiss-uhntiss-uhntiss)
Mike Parker: Live Performer (Bass)
Tim Ross: Live Performer (Drums)
Alan King: Live Performer (Drums)

If you never heard Evanescence through their Origin days, this might be the closest you ever get to hear them in their original form.

The parallel is actually pretty amazing.

Veronica's Veil is two official members (Jordyn Jackson and Randy Winter)
Evanescence started with two official members (Amy Lee and Ben Moody)

Veronica's Veil has live performers.
Evanescence started with live performers before recruiting them as real members...

Veronica's Veil is influenced by Christianity.
Evanescence is influenced by....wait, oops!

Veronica's Veil even has a bit of an Origin meets Fallen vibe.

Although Evanescence is not the only band that I think of Veronica's Veil. I think that they've got a great enough sound to tour nationally with the likes of fellow Floridian band Fireflight.

Considering they only formed two years ago, they've got a professional sound about them.

Tunelab Music, my favorite musical resource, called Veronica's Veil one of the top unsigned bands to know and with enough exposure, they won't be unsigned for much longer.

You can listen to their Middle of Nowhere EP here.

I also found performances of their songs Echoes and Self Destruct.

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