Friday, July 18, 2008

A band a day...The Leo Project

The Leo Project is a band from Kansas City, Missouri that has a perfect mix of riffage, rhythm, and soulful vocals.

The Leo Project is:
Tyler Lyon (lead singer/guitarist)
Creighton Bibbs (guitarist)
Sean Hamel (bassist)
Lance Bennett (drummer)

If you take Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust, make him the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin and sprinkle a little metalcore on them, you might have something that sounds like The Leo Project.

They put out their debut record, The Burning, a couple of years back with positive results from CD Baby and are one of the artists who have decided to take part in Best Buy's new Regional CD initiative.

They've played with the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Red. 

Listening to material from their previous record and the upcoming record on their Myspace, they are destined to go national. 

Tyler's vocals are among the best all-around vocals I've heard of any lead singer, signed or unsigned, male or female. He can sing smoothly like a Myles Kennedy or straight up scream like a Howard Jones.

The Leo Project is supposed to put out their sophomore effort by the end of the year, although more touring in their region and the Best Buy initiative may put that on hold for a bit.

To get an idea of what they're like live, here are performances of Predicting the Rain and a cover of Mr. Mister's Broken Wings, one of my favorite songs of the 80's.

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