Saturday, July 19, 2008

A band a day...VersaEmerge

VersaEmerge has an interesting history.

They're a female-fronted band that had a sex change.

Their first show was a year ago as a male-fronted band and they've re-emerged (haha, get it?) as one of the top bands either on Purevolume or on Myspace. Not bad for being unsigned.

VersaEmerge is:
Sierra: vocals
Blake: guitarist
James: guitarist
Devin: bassist
Anthony: drummer

VersaEmerge is Paramore for the post-hardcore.

Drawing influences from bands such as The Receiving End of Sirens and fellow Floridian scenesters There For Tomorrow, VersaEmerge's exuberance (led by 18 year old Sierra) could take their music to the headlining stage of the Warped Tour someday.

Until then, they're playing tiny venues all over the country so check them out sometime.

Here's the video for The Authors and an acoustic performance of The Blank Static Screen.

Finally, here's a video for an impromptu acoustic version of In Persuing Design.

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