Friday, May 8, 2009

A uh...Artist A Day...Eric Lewis

I normally pimp metal bands and hard rock groups on this site...but during this week, I went on Absolute Punk and found a video of this guy performing.

I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears.

This guy was playing both the inside and the outside of the piano. 

Not to mention, he put a dark, but brilliant spin on a song from my favorite band.

Not to knock Vitamin's String and Piano tributes to bands, but it's not what Lewis covers that makes the music sound great, it's how he covers it that makes it sound great.

His influences range from Coltrane to Mudvayne. As weird as that may sound, you may actually hear a little bit of both in the way that he plays the piano.

According to a poster on Absolute Punk, his band ELEW intends to record a full length album of covers from bands like Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, and Thrice.

Epic would not even begin to describe that.

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