Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Superlist: Female-Fronted Bands

I love women who can sing. I love women who can scream. I love female-fronted bands. Ever since Evanescence's meteoric rise in 2003, I've been captivated by bands that have the influence of a woman in a rock band. In what is generally considered a male-dominant formats of Active and Alternative Rock, there have been many bands that have charted with songs and have been touring the States.

I'll mention most of the bigger bands that I like before I get to a list of the small, up and coming bands that I've been listening to for years. If you haven't heard from some bands, take a listen.

The Main Eventers:

The Up and Comers (not in particular order):
13. Renfue
21. Estrum
25. Eowyn
35. Valora
36. UnSun
38. Ardor
43. Dilana
49. Lunic


If you have any decent female-fronted bands that sound anything like these bands, I'm all ears.

You'd better like some of them, I've worked on this list for close to two hours now.


Matt said...

Here's a few bands worth a mention:



Arch Enemy:

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

cfw828 said...

Wow, I'm an asshole for leaving out Kittie haha! I remember watching a video on MTV for Spit back in like 99/2000. They were buzzworthy.

Poor band never had that much exposure again even though they've put out like 5 or 6 records since then.

Squee said...

Hey Monday is the shit. I saw them in concert a few weeks ago and Cassaddee has a wicked voice. =D