Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favorite riffs.

Riffs are a rock song's DNA. 90% of the time, they make the song what it is. Of course, there are so many songs to choose from, but I'm going to give you just a sample of some of my personal favorites. Some of them are no-brainers and some of them are relatively new. All of them are awesome.

1. Alice in Chains-Man in the Box: And speaking of no brainers...

2. Deftones-My Own Summer (Shove It): This song has such a great riff to groove to. Easily one of the most recognizable riffs of the last 15 years.

3. Muse-Stockholm Syndrome: This is my favorite Muse song just for the riff. 

4. Sevendust-Inner City Blues: I could theoretically add any Sevendust song I want on this list, but I added this one because of how they made it their own and somehow made it sound close enough to the original without losing it.

5. Ra-Do You Call My Name: I love how this song incorporates a Middle Eastern vibe and then kills you with the beat.

6. Black Water Rising-Brother Go On: The song is only a year old, but having heard it, it really sticks in your head. This song was one of my favorites of all of last year.

7. Seether-Remedy: Probably the only Seether song that I could ever dance to. The song is a catchy party song that's not really a party song at all!

8. Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become: Howard Benson's producing peak right here. This is the song I feel he'll be most remembered for producing because of the riff, the catchy lyrics, and the danciest drum beat this side of Paralyzer.

9. Red-Shadows: This song ought to be the next single for Innocence and Instinct. It just has to happen!

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