Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hidden Classics

There are plenty of albums that I've mentioned on this site that are very much well-known. However, for every really great album that gets noticed, there's always a diamond in the rough. I spent a little time digging in the crates, looking for lesser known artists that never quite get their due.

1. Acceptance-Phantoms (2005): This pop-rock band put out this amazing record in 2005. I thought of the record as a fresher sounding Coldplay. "Different", the first single, was just the tip of the iceberg. It's a beautifully crafted record and it's just a shame that it didn't have more commercial success. The band broke up the very next year. Members have gone on to form bands such as Search/Rescue. One of the members went on to become part of Universal act Anberlin.

2. Big Wreck-In Loving Memory Of (1997): Before I was completely into rock like I am now, I remember watching Big Wreck's video for "The Oaf" on Muchmusic Canada and I remember I actually liked it and would watch the video anytime it was on their top 30 Countdown. I was lucky enough to pick this record up from a bargain CD store last year and love this record. The Canadian band released one more record before the band broke up. Ian Thornley went on to form the band Thornley, who released their second record Tiny Pictures earlier this year.

3. The Receiving End of Sirens-Between the Heart and the Synapse (2005): Great band with an atypical sound and lyrical approach. This is one of those albums you actually have to read the lyrics to because they really sound as if you're reading a poem. Just take a listen to "Planning a Prison Break". They'd go on to release The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi before ending in 2007. I think VersaEmerge's sound is influenced by this band.

4. Revis-Places for Breathing (2003): This album is very well known among my friends and fellow fans of this music. As good as this record was though, it was a "one and done" record. "Seven" is one of my favorite songs ever. Justin Holman went on to play for the band Aujalyn. Two other members went on to form The Yelling.

5. Parmalee-Inside (2004): For the record, the link I posted of Inside is just three songs from the record since they didn't have the whole thing on Myspace. Also for the record, this record is great. It's a straight up hard-rock album that always fills you up and never lets you down (sorry for the copyright infringement, Bud Light). I remember seeing these guys the first time I went to the Crash Mansion with Rev(elation) Theory. The album is a nice straight listen. Unlike most of the bands on this list, this one is actually still together. Most recently, they've opened for Hinder, 3 Doors Down, and Theory of a Deadman.

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