Sunday, August 3, 2008

A band a day...Adelita's Way

What do you get when you mix bright lights, expensive cars and sin? If you guessed The Fast and the Furious, you'd be wrong. I'm talking about Vegas, baby! Vegas and Adelita's Way.

Adelita's Way is:
Rick DeJesus: Lead vocals
Chris Iorio: Guitar
Chris Clemence: Bass
T-Reks: Drums

Adelita's Way is Fuel with a mixture of Daughtry and Closure.

Rick DeJesus is a reality television veteran. He'd been cast on VH1's Strip Search and won and he'd also been cast on E!'s Paradise City.

But don't let the attention whoring fool you...this band is WORTH whoring for with powerful vocals and hooks that make pirates jealous.

They'd signed a demo deal to Interscope Records and is currently managed by Larry Rudolph who used to manage nobody important

They're currently unsigned, but that's not stopping hit producers from signing on. Brian Howes and Skidd Mills are currently working on finishing their upcoming album.

I didn't find much about them unfortunately aside from a live performance, a cover of Closure's Look Out Below.

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