Saturday, August 2, 2008

A artist a day...Brooke Barrettsmith.

You know that old-school disco-era song Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel?

The first two lines of the song may very well apply to 26-year-old Brooke Barrettsmith.

Brooke Barrettsmith's band includes:
Billy Adams: Lead and rhythm guitars and road manager
Phill Grooms: Bass
Matt Stephens: Drums

This young songwriter/guitar player/piano player spent a chunk of her teenage years performing in a group with her family, including her sister Juleah. Her mother was an opera singer and her father was a session drummer, so the bloodlines are filled with talent.

This Chicago native went on to audition for American Idol's fifth season with her sister, which was pretty forgettable, well...almost.

She and her sister didn't make it too far, but not very long after, Brooke was signed onto Sony Essential Records.

Brooke's music is inspired by secular artists (Daughtry and Jimmy Eat World) as well as Christian artists (Pillar and Skillet).

She's not the only Idol hopeful to step into the Christian music world...but she may have more potential than any of the artists I listed.

This year, Brooke joined Pillar for their For the Love of the Game tour. Her album drops on August 19th and may set the standard for contemporary Christian albums this year.

In the meantime, there are live videos of Farewell, More Real, and a random video of Anymore which features Rob Beckley and Lester Estelle of Pillar...there are two drummers playing on that song at the same time!

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