Monday, August 4, 2008

Producer Profiles...Brian Howes

Like a lot of producers, Brian Howes had been an artist himself. Back in 1999, he'd been the lead singer of a ska/punk-funk band called DDT.

As a matter of fact, he'd been active as of 2003 as the lead singer of Closure. Nice segue, huh?

Closure had been on TVT Records and actually toured with labelmates Sevendust. They'd also toured with 12 Stones, Trapt, and Buckcherry.

Brian Howes hit the ground running as the producer of Closure's record. Unfortunately, in 2006, they listed that they no longer had a label.

But that didn't stop Brian Howes from working with other bands, grooming them into supergroups by writing and producing their albums.

In 2005, he'd worked with Canadian pop-punk band Hedley. They were written off and critically panned. However, their debut album spawned six Canadian singles and a double-platinum record.

Howes would out do himself later that year working on the major-label debut album of an up-and-coming midwestern band called Hinder. Again, the album itself was critically panned. In 2006 though, the album took off. As of January of 2008, Extreme Behavior is a triple-platinum album in the States.

In 2006, Skillet's John Cooper, became a big fan of the record and wanted to work with Brian Howes on their Atlantic debut, Comatose. The album is Skillet's best-selling record to date, selling over 300,000 records.

Also in 2006, he worked with Chris Daughtry, with whom he co-wrote "What I Want" and "Over You" to rock and top 40 success. The album is currently the most successful he's worked on to date going quadruple platinum as of April of 2008.

It was then that Brian became noticed by industry majors. In 2007, aside from working with Canadian artist Faber Drive and Puddle of Mudd, Jimmy Iovine signed him to a deal with Interscope Records to develop their artists. His first order of business...

Revelation Theory dropped the "-elation" this year and released their major-label self-titled debut.

With all the success Brian's achieved as a producer, it seems that Brian is ready to crossover to other formats.

He is on the verge of more multi-platinum success.

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