Thursday, August 7, 2008

A band a day...Breaking the Silence

Did you pick up Pillar's latest record For the Love of the Game? If not, please do and listen to I Fade Away. You might notice that there's a female on the vocals. Her name is Sarah Anthony and she fronts a band called Breaking the Silence.

Breaking the Silence is:
Sarah Anthony: Vocals
Mark Anthony: Vocals/Guitar
Matt Beal: Bass
Keith Anselmo: Drums

Breaking the Silence formed in 2006 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Not exactly a hot bed for bands, but this band is indeed hot.

In 2007, they worked on and released their debut album Stand, which was produced by Travis Wyrick who's produced 10 Years and, you guessed it, Pillar.

The album features the dual-vocals of Sarah and Mark Anthony. It's very hard to get two vocalists to play off of each other in the same band. Even some of Lacuna Coil's fans still can't get into both Cristina and Andrea's vocals. Somehow, Sarah and Mark make it work in a big way.

Breaking the Silence combines the dual-vocal interplay of Lacuna Coil with the accessibility of Evanescence and the message of Flyleaf and Fireflight.

Breaking the Silence is steadily gaining a reputation in their state and the rest of the region as a band to look out for. If you like Flyleaf's live show and you've seen their show many times, you may just be surprised by how good Breaking the Silence's stage presence is.

This band should not stay under the radar for very long if at all and they're already hard at work on their next album.

In the meantime, you can check the video to the title track off of their album Stand and another live montage.

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