Sunday, August 31, 2008

A band a day...Overscene

Dallas, Texas is the home of our next band...Overscene.

Overscene is:
J-Rock: Vocals
Justin: Guitar
Erin: Bass

I know what you're thinking...three pieces? Shouldn't their be a drummer? Well, unfortunately, their drummer, Michael left the band in late June and are currently looking for a drummer and a second guitarist.

That hasn't stopped Overscene from making a name for themselves.

Their debut album, The Moment of Change, has been earning quite a lot of respect in the rock world. Their song "Here I Am", which I would consider the lead single fits perfectly on rock radio.

They have an excellent balance of softer and harder songs.

It's a mix of something like Three Days Grace, Seven Wiser (RIP), and in their heavier moments, Nonpoint.

Recent tours with Sevendust and Black Stone Cherry have given them more exposure, which is not bad, considering they're still unsigned.

Perhaps they can eventually join Flyleaf and Drowning Pool in recent bands that have given Dallas their reputation for rock music.

Here are live videos for Each Time I Fall and Stems.

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