Sunday, August 31, 2008

A band a day...Ember

Continuing our mini-trip through Texas, we move to Austin where Ember resides.

Ember is:
Chris: Vocals
Deuce: Guitars
Jared: Guitars
Jason: Bass
Dusty: Drums

I've only listened to this band for about a month and they've quickly left an impression on me.

They've been around since 2004, but have really started to build a name for themselves in their area with their latest EP called Under Pressure.

I think the lead singer sounds like a mix of Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down and perhaps Ed Sloan of Crossfade being backed by Staind. 

Soulful, heartfelt vocals backed by heavy music...kind of reminds me of one of my favorite bands.

I could see these guys going on tour with fellow Texans Overscene, whom I just profiled.

Much like Overscene, they can cater to a more mainstream-ish rock crowd without making it sound too contrived.

They've actually come up to New York City for label showcase shows with positive results...although still no label.

But with the mainstream appeal of a song like "Blind", expect that to change.

Here's the brand new video for Blind.

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