Friday, August 15, 2008

A band a day...Society Red

Damien Starkey is tenacious. He led the band Burn Season to a major-label deal with Elektra Records in 2001. But the business was turning a corner after the Napster-era and Elektra couldn't stay afloat. In 2004, Burn Season was dropped without a deal and without an album. In 2005, they'd been signed to Bieler Bros. Records and after a couple of years on the label, they decided to call it quits.

You would think that with all of that happening to a band that you would be jaded enough to quit the music the case of Damien Starkey, you would be wrong. Dead wrong.

As a matter of fact, it led to rebirth and rejuvenation with Society Red.

Society Red is:
Damien Starkey (formerly of Burn Season): Vocals
Paul Phillips (formerly of Puddle of Mudd): Guitar
Dizzi Devereux: Guitar
Brad Stewart (formerly of Shinedown): Bass
Brad Moxey: Drums

As you can see, they're a supergroup of sorts. 

Unlike most supergroups though, they don't take any of the elements of their old bands and incorporate them into Society Red. They bring a brand of rock that takes old-school Guns N'Roses and mixes them with a bit of the radio ready material that you hear today. Well...that and Jack Daniels.

It all makes for a potent mix that has earned them quite the buzz. Because of earlier successes in previous bands, they've become one of the top unsigned acts to watch in the entire country in a very short time.

If you're lucky enough to live in the Jacksonville area, you should check them out...because their next stop will likely lead them on a tour of the country.

In the meantime, here are videos of the Pretty Handsome Awkward sounding Love and Hate and a video that can only be described as SocieTV.

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