Friday, August 1, 2008

A band a day...Broken Iris

Broken Iris is a band that mixes ambient rock with atmospheric vocals to evoke intense music.

Broken Iris is...
Adam Roth: vocals
Alex Ashton: cello
David Christiansen: keyboard
Danny Cocke: guitar
Steve Avery: bass
Chris Brawley: drums

Take A Perfect Circle's vocals, Radiohead's atmospheric music, Evans Blue's intensity and mix them with One Republic's accessibility.

Broken Iris formed in 2005 in Sacramento, California. 

It's pretty rare that you find a regular cellist in a band. The only recent example I can think of is Tantric.

Anywho, they released their debut album, The Eyes of Tomorrow, in 2007 and it was inspired by a former guitarist's story.

They may be an unsigned artist, but there are a couple of songs that they have on that album that could be all over the country right now (Beautiful Girl and A New Hope). The harmonies built on the songs on this album with the vocals and piano/keyboards are amazing and worth listening to over and over.

If you go on their Myspace as of today, they have the title track of the album that's downloadable. The song "The Eyes of Tomorrow" is definitely the cure for your recession blues should you not be able to afford the album yet.

For an unsigned band, their sound is epic and intense and this is yet another band that I don't see being unsigned for too much longer.

Here is a video for The Scar and there are live performances of Beautiful Girl and The Scar.

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