Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey guys...I'd just like to ask the readers of the blog how I'm doing.

A part of creating this blog has to do with listening, too.

I'd just like to know what you've thought of the first month of this blog, what your favorite/least favorite bands are, what your favorite articles are and what not.

Those who have been reading this blog, I'd like to thank you for fueling me to keep this going and saying that I've got plenty more where this has come from.

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Anonymous said...

You've been doing a fantastic job so far Chris. It's not the easiest thing to stay motivated when starting off a blog, but you've done an excellent job at keeping the updates coming and I think I've added just about every band you have recommended thus far. As far as suggestions, I'd really like to see you do some album reviews in the future. I'm hoping to enter myself in the blogospere in the near future and can only hope that I do as good a job as you have so far. Keep it up man!