Monday, August 18, 2008

A band a day...Advent...I mean Blinded We Fall...I mean Headtrip...yeah, that's it!

If you were wondering what the name of the band is...well, it's a funny story. Two years ago when the band released their breakout release The Lines of Healing, the band had been known as Advent.

Earlier this year, they'd changed the name to Blinded We Fall and actually had a song featured as Blinded We Fall in a Metal Edge magazine CD sampler (Everything You Know).

Just a month and a half ago, they'd changed their name once again...this time to their current name...Headtrip.

Headtrip is:
Brandan: Vocals
Josh: Guitars
Derek: Guitars
Cliff: Bass/Backup Vocals
J-Sonic: Drums/Samples

If anyone remembers the Rockturtle blog I'd posted in a couple of years ago, I'd mentioned this band regarding the blossoming Dallas scene where bands such as Flyleaf and Faktion were also on the rise.

They're currently unsigned, but labels such as Bieler Bros. are currently looking to bolster up their roster and they're mentioned as one of a few bands they're interested in signing.

They've played a huge show in Texas opening for Linkin Park, Metallica, Deftones, and Mudvayne and have played shows with Finger Eleven, Adema, and Drowning Pool.

Brandan's vocals are diverse ranging from Kevin Palmer's raspy whisper to Cristian Machado's growls. His vocals are backed by Breaking Benjamin-esque guitars and Adema-esque drums and programming.

Even though this year is coming to a close, 2009 could be the advent of Headtrip.

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