Saturday, August 2, 2008

Producer Profiles: David Bendeth

They are unsung heroes. Producers don't just press buttons, they help find an artist's voice and I intend to find ten rock producers that do just that. I'm going to run down my favorite producers because I feel that they don't get nearly enough credit.

I start with my first producer, David Bendeth.

David Bendeth was actually an artist himself. He did well in his native England, going on to release three albums.

He produced his last two albums and that's when he got the ball rolling on producing other artists. He'd gone back and forth from London to Toronto and in the mid 80's produced his first major artist in Canada called Platinum Blonde.

He eventually moved to New York where he actually became part of the industry and then back to Toronto as an VP A&R for BMG Canada where he helped sign artists such as Crash Test Dummies and Treble Charger in the mid 90s.

He moved back to New York and became an A&R for RCA Records where in 1997, he was responsible for signing Treble Charger to an American deal, SR-71 and Vertical Horizon.

A few years later, he would get his first taste of huge success as a producer when he produced Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want in 1999. Everything You Want, Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) and You're A God became huge hits back in early 2000.

In 2000, he would also produce SR-71 and a young artist (Mitch Allan) who would become a hit songwriter. He also produced their next album in 2002.

In 2002, he would oversee Elvis' 30 #1 Hits album which would go on to sell millions worldwide and became the #2 best-selling record worldwide that year.

It was after SR-71's Tomorrow where he would focus almost entirely on hard rock.

He went on to produce 40 Below Summer in 2003.

In 2004, he went Cold. So Cold. He produced two of the most instantly recognizable rock songs that year.

He produced an underground band that was trying to achieve mainstream success called Candiria. He also mixed the title track for Killswitch Engage's breakthrough album, The End of Heartache.

In 2005, Bendeth would produce more up-and-coming talent such as Fivespeed, Dropping Daylight, and Hawthorne Heights.

His relationship flourished with Breaking Benjamin in 2006, where he would produce their most successful album-to-date radio wise with Phobia.

He also produced or mixed for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Pillar.

In 2007, he'd work with a young artist that was ready to break out called Paramore. Producing the album RIOT! earned Paramore a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

He would also help produce Bloodsimple and The Almost.

In 2008, he's been in the works to make albums or mix singles for Dark New Day, Making April, Capital Lights, Search the City, There for Tomorrow, Nural, Underoath, and his friends in

Believe it or not, this 50-something from Jersey is the face of modern rock.

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