Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Alternatives to Now.

As was mentioned and as you may have heard, 92.3 WXRK-FM (otherwise formerly known as K-Rock) has changed formats to a pop station as of last Wednesday to Now FM.

K-Rock may be gone, but the truth is that there are a lot of alternatives (no pun intended).

Let's start with the home stations...
101.9 WRXP-It's more of a classic rock station, but they do play a lot of current artists like Kings of Leon, MGMT, and The Killers.

Q 104.3-Another classic rock station, but this one is more classic rock.

And now, let's go around the continent for other great alternative stations.

Detroit's 89x-It's a nice mix of active and alternative that reminds me of K-Rock before it changed formats the first time.

Scranton's 97.9-One of my favorite active rock stations in the country. They do tend to play local artists. Breaking Benjamin anyone?

Honolulu's Star 101.9-The most diverse alt-rock station in the country. They play everything from the Plain White T's to Mudvayne.

Vancouver's Fox 99.3-My favorite station north of the border, this station features a great mix of alternative and active that I like, but also features many Canadian artists (because due to legislation, they have to play a certain amount).

Online only radio stations:
Cage Rattle Radio-Run in part by Breaking Benjamin's tour manager and former terrestrial DJ, Freddie Fabbri. The station has had in depth interviews with great artists and just recently went 24/7.

525 Power Tracks-A favorite by many, this station tends to play a lot of active rock by unsigned artists.

Alternative Addiction-Very much like 525, but this station is more alternative than active.

K-Rock Radio-Originally known as K-Rock 2 because of its terrestrial partner is now the closest alternative station in the market.

I hope those of you who miss the original K-Rock find something in these stations while you wait for Now to fail.

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