Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Band a Day...Rains

Rains is an up and coming band that brings a different spin to hard rock.

Rains is:
Jeff Rains (Vocals/Guitar)
Zach Ruetz (Guitar)
Jason Anderson (Guitar)
Joe Pitter (Bass)
Joe Schultz (Drums)

From Fort Wayne, Indiana, where singer-songwriters like John Mellencamp are king, Jeff Rains takes a bit of that influence and puts it into his music.

Rains released his debut album in 2006 called Stories, to which thousands have purchased.  At one point, the band included his wife and brother.

In late 2007, Rains worked with Trevor Kustiak, best known for his work on Evans Blue's two albums, for their new album Right or Wrong. The band even recruited Evans Blue's Joe Pitter to play bass on the record.

In 2008, Rains put out an EP that earned enough attention to get play on Sirius' Octane and other major radio stations with the single "Liar".

Right or Wrong, which was originally intended to come out last fall is finally ready to come out on March 31st.

Normally, I'd have a live clip, but instead, if you don't feel like waiting to purchase the album, you can purchase the EP from Amie Street for 68 cents.

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