Monday, March 30, 2009

Two for the Price of One: It's All In the Family

Normally, I like to post about bands one at a time to give them their shine. 

However, I wanted to switch things up a bit and bring about a theme.

This two for one features two bands who have famous family.

I'll start with the band Citysquare.

Citysquare features Eric Brown, brother of Chris Brown. No, not THAT Chris Brown.

I'm referring to Chris Taylor Brown of the band Trapt.

The band is more poppy than his counterpart, but still has a familiarity about it. Of course, he sounds a bit like his brother and could probably stand in as a ringer for Trapt lead singer.

The next band is Eye Alaska.

Eye Alaska's lead singer is Brandon Wronsky, but he's not the one I'm talking about in this case.

Chase Kensrue is the younger brother of Dustin Kensrue of the band Thrice.

Eye Alaska is an alternative band, but they tread the waters of many different genres, kind of like what Thrice has been doing lately with their latest releases.

If you guys have any other bands I should look at related to this topic or anything that I should post about, you could e-mail me at

I don't bite, I promise.

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