Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Good Music Goes Unlistened (Volume 4): The Take It Tour...

The Take It Tour kicks off this Friday with three pretty kickass bands.

Taproot (the headliner, who's "Take It" is the theme of the tour)

Taproot has been rocking stages for over a decade playing on tours such as Ozzfest and the second installment of the Music As a Weapon Tour.

They are one of the most underrated bands that play live. Stephen Richards, the lead singer, gets into it...literally

Dear Enemy is just starting to get a name for themselves. Even though they're unsigned, this Atlanta band earned an opening spot on the Sevendust/Taproot tour late last year and have been touring behind their new album Believe the Rumors ever since. On top of that, their sense of humor must make them fun to tour with.

Adakain doesn't particularly have any silly 80s sitcom promos, but they certainly do have a following. They're going on tour with other up and coming bands such as Neverset (who's recent work also links them to Sevendust), Black Tie Vendetta, and Bobaflex. Their music is probably the most aggressive on the bill and they should be able to fire up any crowd they play for.

All three bands came to an agreement to give away two songs of each of theirs (hence the name of the tour...TAKE IT!)

Taproot is giving away their assumed second official single from Our Long Road Home, "Take It" and an unreleased B-side called "Stay Away".

Dear Enemy is giving away two tracks from the Corey Lowery produced Believe the Rumors, called "Sacrifice" and "The Juggernaut".

Finally, Adakain is giving away "Run" and "The Only One".

For these three bands to offer six songs, you'd be a fool not to take it!

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