Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Band a Day...Kelsey and the Chaos

A true case of sticking to my scene, this local band is buzzing big time.

Kelsey and the Chaos is:
Kelsey Merritt (Vocals)
Brian Pascoe (Guitar)
Justin Stabler (Guitar)
Rich Skibinsky (Bass/Keyboards)
Nick Rotunno (Drums)

They had an appearance on MTV2's short lived Rock Band game show, but don't let them playing with guitar and drum peripherals fool you. They ARE a band.

They've jokingly called their brand of pretty pop-punk Merritt-core after their lead singer.

This band has been touring around the region for a couple of years now and their reputation is only growing.

Alternative Press (an alternative music mag with a huge reputation) just named them one of 100 bands to watch in 2009.

They played on the local show Fearless Music TV which actually gets aired around the country.

They're going to be playing regionally on the Warped Tour this year.

Much like with Blameshift and "The Sirens are Set", the Kelsey and the Chaos song "Wrapped Around Your Finger" is extremely catchy and should be all over NYC pop station airwaves (now that there are two...ugh!).

They're currently touring the Northeastern US, so if you get the chance, go out and dance to Kelsey and the Chaos.

Here's a live performance of "Wrapped Around Your Finger".

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