Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Band a Day...Genedefect

Australia has given me great bands like Sick Puppies and Freestate, but it's time to up the ante with Genedefect, a metalcore band that intends to give you whiplash.

Genedefect is:
Dean Defect (Vocals)
Luke Smith (Guitar)
Dave Tallents (Bass)
Harley Day (Drums)

They only have one EP to their name, but are already getting airplay in their native Australia on Triple M Radio and videoplay on Rage.

Dean's got some great vocals, wailing and growling away with each and every song. The songs are heavy, but have a bit of a progressive sound to it. The music is catchy, but not traditionally radio catchy. It may not hit you the first time you hear it, but when it does hit, it'll be a mack truck.

Hell, they even have a song about a pirate on their Myspace. If that's not enough to make you listen, I don't know what else you want me to tell you.

Here's their video for "My Ready Eye".

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