Friday, March 20, 2009

A Band a Day...Silent Season

After only a few official shows, this "Bahstun" band opened for Taproot. That should already give you an idea of the kind of reputation this band has made in a short time.

Silent Season is:
Jeremy Rae (Vocals)
Shawn Glassman (Guitar)
Brendan Sheehan (Guitar)
Ryan Sheehan (Bass)
Dave Pappalardo (Drums)

Silent Season is making a lot of noise recently in Boston. They've only toured for months but have already had a following. They're only touring the general region right now, but this band has the talent to tour the country. And that's only with two songs released to their Myspace.

The first song, "Without You", has drawn comparisons to Revis. I personally played Revis' "Seven" and Silent Season's "Without You" back to back and it's as if it plays out a story.

The latest song, "Cross the Line", is anthemic, gritty, pulse-pounding rock and could be a tagline for TNA Wrestling.

Boston is one of my favorite music scenes in the country as it's filled with history.

Aerosmith, Boston (DUHHHHH!), The Cars, Damone, Dinosaur Jr., Dropkick Murphys, Extreme, Gangstarr (had to throw that in there), Godsmack, Guster, Amanda Fucking Palmer, The Pixies and Staind.

No pressure.

In the meantime, here are some live clips of Silent Season:

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