Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Band a Day...Tragic Orange

Continuing with some local flavor, I've got a Long Island band that has been playing around the country with a lot of great bands.

Tragic Orange is:
Phil Skiba (Vocals)
Victor Fakhoury (Guitar)
Jimmy Pavlis (Bass)
Christina Vitucci (Drums)

First off, the name makes me think of this, which is just great.

But don't let the name fool you, these guys bring it.

I had the pleasure of seeing them with Charetta on February 19th.

Tragic Orange was the headliner. 

It's rare to go to a bar show in New York City and expect to see at least two bands you like because they don't lump similar sounding bands together regularly.

They didn't disappoint. They give it just about everything they have and leave everything out there. Since we were at a small venue, the lead singer actually jumped down into the crowd and bunched everyone together so that they could participate.

I like bands that demand your attention.

These guys have played and will play with a who's who of up and comers and veterans in modern rock. 

The list includes Saliva, Framing Hanley, Earshot, Egypt Central, Cold, Halestorm, Ashes of Soma, Joan Red, Absence of Concern, and Lynam.

They've been touring for almost four years behind their self-titled album and while there have been lineup changes, the one thing that has remained a constant has been their 100% attitude live, leaving everything they have on stage.

Given all of the great acts that they've played with, I have no doubt that they will have the reputation that some of these bands have.

In the meantime, here's a performance of The First Agreement.

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