Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Band a Day...Hello Demons...Meet Skeletons

Hello Demons...Meet Skeletons might sound like a weird name for a band.

However, it is a solo project for Clint Lowery.

A far cry from heavy bands like Sevendust, Still Rain, and Dark New Day, Clint Lowery plays a brand of bluesy acoustic rock.

It also features his brother Corey and drummer Morgan Rose.

The name of the project may refer to Sevendust's "Skeleton Song", an acoustic flavored song from my favorite Sevendust album Seasons.

HDMS has had a few headlining shows, but for now, they've been performing after Sevendust shows.

Chills, the EP that came out last year won't be the last that we've heard of Clint Lowery's project and as a matter of fact, may change musical styles throughout suggesting a sense of freedom.

As a Sevendust fan, I wonder whether starting a side project was one of the reasons he left or was kicked out in the first place.

Oh well, that's another argument for another day. Let's enjoy some live tunes.

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