Monday, March 23, 2009

A Band a Day...Dangerous New Machine

You may remember a band years back by the name of Stereomud

Stereomud released two albums Perfect Self (2001) and Every Given Moment (2003).

Erik Rogers led that band and has been a part of that famous Atlanta band circle which features bands like Sevendust, Dark New Day, Doubledrive, Still Rain, and Stuck Mojo.

After Stereomud though, Erik branched out from that circle and formed bands that were a little bit different from the crowd such as Love Said No.

After six years of being away, Rogers decided to reform Stereomud. Although, according to Rogers, some members had a little trouble accepting a reformed Stereomud without them.

So Erik Rogers formed Dangerous New Machine, instead.

Dangerous New Machine is:
Erik Rogers (Vocals)
Billy Grey (Guitar)
Jake Kitchen (Bass)
Rodney Beauboeuf (Drums)

Dangerous New Machine is kind of like Dark New Day in the sense that it has members of different bands and brings them together to form a sound that brings a bit of each from them. Billy Grey comes from Fozzy, Jake Kitchen and Rodney Beaubouef come from Outshine.

Supergroups are kind of like a Megazord. All elements of the band are strong on their own, but together are extremely powerful.

They've only played one official show as of this post, but hope to have a new album out by the summer.

In the meantime, you can download "Burn" to your PC and watch what appears to be the video for the first official single "Skeletons".

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