Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CFW Chartwhores (3/4/09)

I know what you're thinking...chart whore?

Well, back in late 2003 when I started following Evanescence, I was intrigued by their progress on the radio. I followed everything from placement on the charts to where they were playing.

What I'm going to attempt to do is an abbreviated version of that by using the Alternative and Active Rock radio charts. Unfortunately, Mediabase doesn't allow us to view an entire chart anymore. This is merely the top 50 of each...but it still gives us a good idea of where things are going.

I'll also post songs that may make an impact on each chart.

I'll start with Alternative.

Incubus' "Love Hurts" is currently the #1 song on the format. No, it's not from a new album. It's from an album that came out in November of 2006 (Light Grenades). It came out as a single over a year after their last single "Oil and Water" and yet, it still managed to hit #1. This won't be the last thing we hear from Incubus on the format as a new single from their upcoming greatest hits "Black Heart Inertia" makes its radio debut in less than three weeks.

Pearl Jam's "Brother", a song that was originally released as an instrumental on Lost Dogs but had been an outtake from the classic Ten, is currently the #5 song and has the best shot to be the next #1. It currently has a bullet of over 400 (Bullets refer to the amount of spins gained from the previous week).

Anberlin currently has their first top 10 on the format with "Feel Good Drag" and it's been a long time coming. New Surrender really deserves the praise it's been getting.

Framing Hanley have broken the top 20 with "Lollipop".

Depeche Mode have been getting more play on the format than in recent memory with their new single "Wrong". And no, it does not sound like "Jizz In My Pants".

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have debuted in the top 40 with "Zero".

Finally, in something that really tells you how the alternative chart has become less active, The Fray are currently holding on to #40 with "You Found Me".

Active Rock:

This chart tends to be more interesting as artists on small labels and unsigned artists tend to be more common. 

Burn Halo and Aranda are currently sitting in the lowest tier of the top 40 with "Dirty Little Girl" and "Still in the Dark" respectively.

Seether's cover of Wham's "Careless Whisper" which they'd originally recorded as a bit of a joke actually has a nice sized bullet and could potentially do some chart damage in the near future.

All That Remains' "Two Weeks" is the first song from them to ever chart on the Active Rock chart and it is currently flirting with the top 15. 

Pearl Jam's "Brother" and Papa Roach's "Lifeline" are in a good position to eventually take over #1 and in a bit of a surprise, without an official music video, Nickelback may get the #1 song on the format with "Something In Your Mouth". They're a few mere spins away from the current #1, Mudvayne's "Do What You Do".

Songs to keep an ear out for:
Sevendust-"Inside"-The third single from Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow. Sevendust is a workhorse, finishing up a tour with Disturbed and moving on with Black Label Society. 

The Veer Union-"Seasons"-The debut single from the Vancouver, BC standout. Their album should be out by late spring and a tour with Hinder and Theory of a Deadman should give them a lot of exposure.

Madina Lake-"Never Take Us Alive"-My favorite song of the three. It's produced by David Bendeth and should do the band wonders. The album Attics to Eden comes out April 28th.

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wtfSubway said...

I live under a radio-free rock and had no idea YYY had new material out. So excited to hear it. Thanks for the heads up!