Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Good Music Goes Unlistened (Volume 7): Ra

Ra formed in the late 1990s.

Their first commercially released song was released in 1998 with "Crazy Little Voices" making the soundtrack to Carrie 2: The Rage.

They released One in 2000.

But they didn't get signed to a record label until Universal came along in 2002.

2002 brought along From One, their debut album that had songs rerecorded from their 2000 EP. 

Do You Call My Name is still their most popular and most well-known song to date.

They released two albums on Universal to little fanfare and left in 2006.

Later that year, they got signed to a Universal imprint called Cement Shoes Records.

They had a tour with fellow labelmates, Godhead and Ill Nino and released a live album called Raw.

They were supposed to work on a new album, but the Cement Shoes deal fell through and Ra left Cement Shoes.

In 2008, Ra finally put out their long awaited third studio album called Black Sun. The album is easily one of the best albums of last year and I'll bet that most readers have not already heard it. You can go to Myspace to hear all of their albums now.

Well, I can't give you Black Sun, but what I can do is send you a bunch of Ra rarities, including their live album (registration required for Raw).

I like Ra because lead singer Sahaj Ticotin implements his culture into his music. He's of Puerto Rican and Egyptian descent. He also sounds like in an alternate world, he could be the lead singer of the Police which he has jokingly referred to.

I also feel that he's one of the best lead singers of the last decade. Even though they've been around that long, their music has often been passed aside.

No more.

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